Satsuma is all about indies. Indie writers ,and publishers as well as indie businesses ,thinkers and even lawyers. We salute those people who challenge ,push the boundary ,avoid the vanilla option. Take a different route from the formulaic ,well trodden path.


Dog Horn Publishing tick everyone of those boxes ,and then some. As Editor in Chief Adam has introduced the world to grannies trying to seduce rock god Steven Tyler on a gonzo road trip ,to a lesbian angle on the Wizard of Oz ,including wizards with gambling debts and munchkins who run tabloid newspapers past real literary quality and social realism. There is horror ,scifi ,fantasy ,surrealism and humour. He flies the flag for indie women writers ,such as Deb Hoag, Rachal Kendall and Aliya Whiteley and his various short story anthologies allow a new generation of readers to taste fresh ,non formulaic writing.

We sat down with Adam and talked about his influences.


Q1. How did you become a writer?

I first started writing as a child, really. It just came naturally to me. I always wanted to tell stories. No, let me rephrase that—I always wanted to tell my own stories. It wasn’t ever enough to just enjoy the stories of others.

Q2. How would you describe your genre?

Really I write across genres. I write poetry, fiction, plays, non-fiction. I’m constantly drawn to speculative fiction—things like science fiction and fantasy. But I’m more interested in characters, stories and voices than I am in hard science.

I’m also big on writing that pushes limits and tries to do something new. I believe writers should be socially aware. Literature is a cultural product. It helps shape the agenda and inform ideologies. What we write and how we write it is important.

Q3. What authors do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading so much. From the scripts of Whoopi Goldberg to the Mancunian science fiction of Jeff Noon. From the transgressive works of Kathy Acker to the formal verse of Shakespeare. I think writers should read anything and everything. The more you read, the more possibilities you see in writing, and the more you can surprise yourself.

Q4. What authors have influenced your style of writing?

Every writer I’ve ever read has imparted something on me. Whether that’s a finer appreciation of syntax or scansion, a sense of wonder, another perspective on how a narrative might be formed, and so on. I’ve learned lots about language and imagery from poets. I’ve learned lots about presence and voice from playwrights and performers. And I’ve learned lots about structure from novelists.

Q5. You can take 1 book on holiday. What would it be?

Vurt by Jeff Noon.

Q6. What is the next book you intend to release?

Dog Horn has a few books in the works. No Monsters Allowed is officially out on 31st October. Via our Fruit Bruise Press imprint, we have a novel forthcoming from Arno Bohlmeijer. I’ve just had my own novella Monster published with Dead Ink, and next year I’ll be in a Bloodaxe poetry anthology.

Q7. EBook reader or print?

Monster is an ebook. All Dog Horn titles are slowly being converted to ebooks too, but primarily exist as print titles. Our audience mainly buys print, although there is still an audience for ebooks. This may change as things progress, and certainly now that we’re available at Weightless, The Robot Trading Company and Wizard’s Tower as ebooks.

For details of the impressive range of books at Dog Horn Publishing ,click here

Dog Horn Publishing books are available at Lulu, and The Robot Trading Company.

The new release , No Monster’s Allowed by Alex Davis is available here

no monsters allowed